Poems: An Offering to Lancashire


Genre Count
Paratext 4
Poetry 14
Gender Count
Role Count
Dedicatee 1
Publisher 1
Paper Manufacturer 1
Contributor 15


Title Person Published Name Role Genre Gender
Queen Victoria Queen Victoria Dedicatee Paratext Female
Emily Faithfull Emily Faithfull Publisher Paratext Female
Richard Herring Messrs. Richard Herring & Co. Paper Manufacturer Paratext Unknown
Preface Isabella Craig Isa Craig Contributor Paratext Female
Sonnet Emily Taylor Emily Taylor Contributor Poetry Female
A Royal Princess Christina Georgina Rossetti Christina Rossetti Contributor Poetry Female
Sacrifice Caroline Clive V. Contributor Poetry Female
In the Winter George MacDonald G.E.M. Contributor Poetry Male
The Three Horses George MacDonald George MacDonald Contributor Poetry Male
Sudden Light Dante Gabriel Rossetti D. G. Rossetti Contributor Poetry Male
Four Sonnets from Early Italian Pictures William Bell Scott W. Bell Scott Contributor Poetry Male
After Sunset William Allingham W. Allingham Contributor Poetry Male
The Mersey and the Irwell Elizabeth Rayner Parkes Bessie R. Parkes Contributor Poetry Female
The Eye of God Anna Mary Howitt Mary Howitt Contributor Poetry Female
Ad Sepulcrum Charles Bagot Cayley C. B. Cayley Contributor Poetry Male
Brothers Isabella Craig Isa Craig Contributor Poetry Female
England and America Richard Monckton Milnes R. Monckton Milnes Contributor Poetry Male
The Jester's Plea Frederick Locker-Lampson Frederick Locker Contributor Poetry Male