A Welcome: Original Contributions in Poetry and Prose


Genre Count
Paratext 2
Poetry 27
Fiction 4
Nonfiction 4
Gender Count
Role Count
Dedicatee 1
Publisher 1
Contributor 35


Title Person Published Name Role Genre Gender
Alexandra Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise Julia Her Royal Highness Alexandra, Princess of Wales Dedicatee Paratext Female
Emily Faithfull Emily Faithfull Publisher Paratext Female
Dedication Sir Edwin Arnold Edwin Arnold Contributor Poetry Male
Two Sonnets Emily Taylor Emily Taylor Contributor Poetry Female
In Memoriam George William Frederick Howard, seventh earl of Carlisle Earl of Carlisle Contributor Poetry Male
Easter Louisa Fellows Mrs. F. P. Fellows Contributor Poetry Female
Sister Brides Harriet Martineau Harriet Martineau Contributor Poetry Female
A Norwegian Legend Frederica Maclean Rowan Frederica Rowan Contributor Fiction Female
The Moslem Lover's Complaint Mary Eliza Rogers Mary Eliza Rogers Contributor Poetry Female
Dream Love Christina Georgina Rossetti Christina G. Rossetti Contributor Poetry Female
Outward Bound Dinah Maria Craik Author of "John Halifax, Gentleman" Contributor Poetry Female
The Heart's Waves Emily Anne Smythe [née Beaufort], Viscountess Strangford Viscountess Strangford Contributor Fiction Female
Love Sydney Thompson Dobell Sydney Dobell Contributor Poetry Male
The Italian Boy and his Monkey Charles Hamilton Aide Hamilton Aide Contributor Poetry Male
Larry's Appeal for Justice Anna Maria Hall [née Fielding] Mrs. S. C. Hall Contributor Fiction Female
The Ladye of the Lonely Tower Edward Robert Lytton Bulwer-Lytton Neville Temple Contributor Poetry Male
Variety Sir Robert Arthur Arnold R. Arthur Arnold Contributor Nonfiction Male
Lost Days Dante Gabriel Rossetti Dante G. Rossetti Contributor Poetry Male
Faithful Unto Death Emily Anne Smythe [née Beaufort], Viscountess Strangford Viscountess Strangford Contributor Poetry Female
The Children's Heaven George MacDonald George MacDonald Contributor Poetry Male
Sonnet Mary Victoria Cowden Clarke Mary Cowden Clarke Contributor Poetry Female
The Knight's Leap Charles Kingsley Rev. Charles Kingsley Contributor Poetry Male
The Eleventh of March Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards Amelia B. Edwards Contributor Nonfiction Female
Captivity A. C. L. A. C. L. Contributor Poetry Unknown
Beatrice Roden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel Hon. Roden Noel Contributor Poetry Male