The Victoria Regia


Genre Count
Paratext 2
Poetry 39
Nonfiction 12
Fiction 5
Gender Count
Role Count
Editor 1
Publisher 1
Contributor 56


Title Person Published Name Role Genre Gender
The Three Guests George William Frederick Howard, seventh earl of Carlisle The Earl of Carlisle Contributor Poetry Male
A Leaf Out of a Sketch-Book William Makepeace Thackeray W. M. Thackeray Contributor Nonfiction Male
Last Not Lost Anna Mary Howitt Mary Howitt Contributor Poetry Female
The Circles Coventry Kersey Deighton Patmore Coventry Patmore Contributor Poetry Male
Otto Steinmetz: A Legend of One Taken out of God's Hands Harriet Parr Holme Lee Contributor Fiction Female
At First Elizabeth Rayner Parkes Bessie R. Parkes Contributor Poetry Female
At Last Isabella Craig Isa Craig Contributor Poetry Female
Far-Off Sunshine Dinah Maria Craik Author of "John Halifax, Gentleman," etc. Contributor Poetry Female
Sorrow Mary Carpenter Mary Carpenter Contributor Nonfiction Female
A Southern Night Matthew Arnold Matthew Arnold Contributor Poetry Male
The Golden Key George MacDonald George MacDonald Contributor Poetry Male
The Journey to Panama Anthony Trollope Anthony Trollope Contributor Fiction Male
The Clerk of Rohan. (From the Breton.) Tom Taylor Tom Taylor Contributor Poetry Male
One-Sided Troth Richard Monckton Milnes R. M. Milnes Contributor Poetry Male
Strafford's Youth John Forster John Forster Contributor Nonfiction Male
Oh Grief! What Have I Done? Anna Brownell Jameson The Late Mrs. Jameson Contributor Poetry Female
Death. A Fragment James Henry Leigh Hunt The Late Leigh Hunt Contributor Poetry Male
The Silent Chamber Isabella Law Isabella Law Contributor Poetry Female
John's Five Pounds Julia Kavanagh Julia Kavanagh Contributor Fiction Female
Second Childhood Richard Monckton Milnes R. Monckton Milnes Contributor Poetry Male
Then and Now Matilda Mary Hays Matilda M. Hays Contributor Poetry Unknown
Two of the Mob Bryan Waller Procter Barry Cornwall Contributor Poetry Male
On Critics John Frederick Denison Maurice Rev. F. D. Maurice Contributor Nonfiction Male
The Cicala Henry Hart Milman The Dean of St. Paul's Contributor Poetry Male
Rival Lovers Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton Hon. Mrs. Norton Contributor Poetry Female