The Victoria Regia


Genre Count
Paratext 2
Poetry 39
Nonfiction 12
Fiction 5
Gender Count
Role Count
Editor 1
Publisher 1
Contributor 56


Title Person Published Name Role Genre Gender
Adelaide Anne Procter Adelaide A. Procter Editor Paratext Female
A Boy of Fife Margaret Oliphant Wilson Oliphant Author of "Mrs. Margaret Maitland," etc., etc. Contributor Fiction Female
A Design for a Gem Henry Reeve Henry Reeve Contributor Poetry Male
A Leaf Out of a Sketch-Book William Makepeace Thackeray W. M. Thackeray Contributor Nonfiction Male
A Mediterranean Bathing-Place Theodosia Trollope Theodosia Trollope Contributor Nonfiction Female
A Southern Night Matthew Arnold Matthew Arnold Contributor Poetry Male
A Winter Song Aubrey Thomas Hunt de Vere Aubrey de Vere Contributor Poetry Male
An Old Woman's Story Anne Charlotte Ogle Ashford Owen, Author of "A Lost Love" Contributor Nonfiction Female
At First Elizabeth Rayner Parkes Bessie R. Parkes Contributor Poetry Female
At Last Isabella Craig Isa Craig Contributor Poetry Female
By the Stream Henry Fothergill Chorley Henry F. Chorley Contributor Poetry Male
Death. A Fragment James Henry Leigh Hunt The Late Leigh Hunt Contributor Poetry Male
Dedication Elizabeth Rayner Parkes Bessie R. Parkes Contributor Poetry Female
E. B. B. Sydney Thompson Dobell Sydney Dobell Contributor Poetry Male
Essay On Useful Knowledge George Stovin Venables G. S. Venables Contributor Nonfiction Male
Far-Off Sunshine Dinah Maria Craik Author of "John Halifax, Gentleman," etc. Contributor Poetry Female
Helios Hyperionides Edward Robert Lytton Bulwer-Lytton Owen Meredith Contributor Poetry Male
High and Low: A True Tale of Traquair George Alfred Lawrence Author of "Guy Livingstone," etc. Contributor Poetry Male
John's Five Pounds Julia Kavanagh Julia Kavanagh Contributor Fiction Female
Last Not Lost Anna Mary Howitt Mary Howitt Contributor Poetry Female
Lines Helen Lowe Helen Lowe Contributor Poetry Female
Links With Heaven Adelaide Anne Procter Adelaide A. Procter Contributor Poetry Female
Marguerite Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards Amelia B. Edwards Contributor Poetry Female
Mediaeval Sketches Geraldine Endsor Jewsbury Geraldine Jewsbury Contributor Nonfiction Female
Mountains Charles Hamilton Aide Hamilton Aide Contributor Poetry Male